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Get up, Give Back

One of the great joys of being in business is when I can use it to make my community stronger and kinder.

I offer standing discounts to community service volunteers because it is the right thing to do. The discounts are a passive and low-risk way for me to share a bit of kindness in my community.

But what about action? How do I actually give back?

I recently had the unbelievable pleasure of collaborating with Willy Wilson of Life Unstill Photography (and many other Denver Colorado portrait photographers) to bring free senior portrait sessions to a local charter school.

"New Legacy Charter School is a small school for pregnant and parenting teens and their children in northwest Aurora where the teen birth rate is particularly high and school options tailored to young parents are not easily accessible. We know education can be the change-maker in the lives of young people."

Coming of age is no joke! Kids who graduate this year have never lived in a world without 9/11 or the Columbine shooting. Imagine how that might change one's perspective!

High school was tough enough, *cough* years ago when I did it, WITHOUT KIDS.

Young people graduating in 2019 are poised to be active and involved members of their communities. It is an absolute honor to share my art to capture that raw vibrancy and potential in our local youth.

I challenge you to find ways to strengthen your own community. Donate to a food drive, volunteer with a local shelter, or spend time picking up trash in your local parks. It doesn't have to be huge or expensive to make a difference.

" Not all of us can do great things; but we can do small things with great love." -Mother Theresa

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