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This sunset view was icing on the cake on a lovely mother's day
Dads & Dirt roads in Divide Colorado
Family portrait in Divide COlorado
Mountain Meadows
Castlewood Canyon State Park
Cherry Creek State Park
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Cherry creek state park
Cherry Creek Reservoir Beaches
Lovers at Lake Dillon
Lovely views at Lake Dillon
picked Kansas wildflowers
teton jackson lake mtn
grand teton jackson lake mtn
pipiwai falls maui
park shawnee lake
park bench topeka shawnee lake
Denver Botanical Gardens
orchid light
oklahome road
magnolia bc
launani valley falls
creek to lake topeka
kaene pt
makapuu lighthouse lookout
maui lava tube waves
wailua sunflowers
mo slippaz

beauty surrounds us and begs to be noticed 


along the way

you never know where you might find yourself

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