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Where should we go?

There are so many great spots in colorful Colorado. It won’t be hard to pick a beautiful place. Clients commonly choose parks, hiking trails, or their own home.  Public property often requires special permitting which can take time to process and add to the cost of your session. If you wish to hold a session on a property that you do not own, let the photographer know as soon as possible! 

Explore some of our Photographer's favorite locations!

What should we wear?

This is entirely up to you. It is  important that you are relaxed and comfortable in what you are wearing. Wear something you feel confident in.  Many people chose to match or wear coordinating color palates. Keep in mind that loud prints and patterns can become the focal point of a photo. It is usually best to avoid overwhelming patterns and neon colors.

Do you do "touch ups"?

Yes!  We make minor changes to make images suitable for printing.  This means adjusting lighting, cropping (if necessary), and other “fixes” to make the photo look good.  Basic touch-ups are included with the cost of your sitting fee. However, anything that’s a bigger job, ie. braces removal , slimming,  and removal of blemishes/rashes, requires additional time. If you are interested in these a la carte services please inform you photographer during your consultation.


How many images will be in our package?

Most basic sessions range from 10 images to 20. More photos can be added to any package a la carte at the rate of 1 image for $35 or 5 images for $125. Ask the photographer about the discounted cost of buying out the entire gallery. As a policy we will never deliver "RAW" images. 

Do you copy-write  the images?

If included in your package, we will provide a  release letter that gives you permission to print and share your images. The artist will always retain ownership of the image, but your license will allow you to share, print, and/or post the image for personal use. Remember that this license does not include permission to edit, crop, or filter the image in any way. Please respect all artists by crediting their work when you share it. 

separate licensing is available for commercial use. If you wish to obtain images for commercial uses such as advertisements, sales, or competitions let your photographer know.

How do I reserve my session?

Email us any time at

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