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Photo Session Prep 

Feel your best, look your best

Being in front of the camera  for a prolonged amount of time is daunting for most people.  

A relative stranger points a recording device at you and  asks you to bare your soul.  Your every movie is immortalized in film and shared with the world.

What could go wrong?

Avoid the pitfalls and amateur  mistakes with careful preparation and styling. 

Get Inspired!

What will your photos say?

Early in your journey it is important to choose a direction for your photo session. The style of photographer and type photo session narrow things down. However, it is still important for your photos to show your personality and individual flare.

Take some time to think on how you want the world to see you. 

Playful? Serious? Sultry? Mysterious? Fun-loving?  

Being in front of the camera is your chance to share your story. 

Share your vision with your photographer as early as possible.


Attire is about feeling comfortable and beautiful. Choose an outfit that you can't help but glow in. 

If you aren't in love with your wardrobe, take this opportunity to treat yourself to something new. As a general rule, bold patterns and noisy prints can overpower an image. Keep it simple. Start with a base layer of neutral tones and add coordinated pops of color that fit your style. Once the clothing is coordinated, choose some subtle accessories to finish off your look.

If there are multiple people attending your session, make sure that everyone is dressed as if they're going to the same event. Don't be that guy that under-dresses and stands out like a sore thumb. 

If your really struggle to commit to one look, bring a couple options for variety. Let your photographer know in advance that you plan to include wardrobe changes in your session time. 



On the day of your session, give yourself plenty of time to  get ready. Then add an extra 30 minutes to respond to any last-minute crises that may arise from wardrobe malfunctions, uncooperative hair, or mascara mishaps.  Even better, book hair and makeup appointments with a professional stylist. You'll be pampered, and another local artist will do a happy dance when they gain your business (just like I did!).  If you plan to feature any new jewelry in your photos like engagement or wedding rings, schedule a manicure (yes, you too gentlemen).  It is also wise to have featured jewelry cleaned prior to your photo session.  

Preparing for your Session

Choose a few props to really set your photos apart. Blankets, monogram letters, photo frames, and seasonal items are easy to incorporate in to your photos. For special sessions like engagements, you may want to bring props that say something about your as a couple.  For maternity images, think about ultrasound prints, tiny shoes, and toy blocks.  For senior photos and portraits, choose props that show the world what your hobbies are ( ballet shoes, musical instruments, or sports equipment). On the night before your session, pack up your props to avoid the extra stress of hunting them down on the day of your session.  

Choose your Props

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