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Chickadee-CHECK yo' self!

Often, in life, we stumble upon surprising moments of perfect joy. For me, this week, that moment was when I realized that not only could I offer my clients great value in "store credit" options, but also, that I can name my store credit vouchers, "Chickadee-Checks" (and sing sick beats to myself every time It comes up in conversation.)

I may be biased, but I absolutely adore gifting vouchers for photo sessions to friends and family for big events and small important memories. I find that photos are a gift not only for the person of honor, but also for their close friends and family who get to share in the memories made and cherished.

Photography services are perfect gifts for graduations, retirements, home-comings, new beginnings, and so much more.

Can't think of an original and meaningful housewarming gift? gift a lifestyle photo session featuring the new digs!

Baby shower for the parents who already have it all? Share a "Fresh 48" photo session as family gets to know their newest little one.

Milestones or anniversaries? Combine efforts to split the bill for an extended family session.

The possibilities are endless! And the best part is that each photo session will be unique and meaningful to the recipient every time.

Are you ready to Chickadee-Check Yo' self? ( or a friend) :)


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