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moments to memories

Let's get real here. Professional photography can get pricey! so many people see a number and have to ask, "why so much $$$!? don't you just point and click?"

The short answer (and a frequent cause for many photographers pulling their hair out by the roots) is, "no."

A professional photographer is so much more than a lens monkey! We take time to examine clients' goals and values. Once a common direction has been identified we plan and research tirelessly to develop a design that will bring our clients' vision to life.

We scout locations, hone skills, and acquire permits. We maintain equipment and push it to its limits. We offer styling advice and use our knowledge and experience to get you the most bang for your buck.

Then, when we actually get to your session, we muscle through heat, rain, bugs, and angry babies to capture memories that will be cherished and shared for generations. We focus and adjust our perspective, awaiting that breath in between giggles where the happiest of memories live.

When your cheeks are sore from smiling and your kiddo's attention span has been pushed to the limit, we go home, hug our own kiddos and pour over the lovely moments we created with you.

While you come down off of the post-session high and anxiously await our galleries, we tune our highly trained eye to perfecting each meticulous detail in your images. We smooth, remove blemishes, re-color, face-swap, (and, yes, sometimes slim), until we can deliver not just a photo, not just a piece of art, but a truly beautiful memory .

A memory worth hanging on your wall or sending in a card. An image of yourself and the ones you love at their very finest.

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