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Hire a photographer: 5 reasons in a Quippy Listicle

A bit louder for the folks in the back, INVEST IN A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!

Lets be honest, quality cameras are easy to come by. Most people carry around double digit megapixels in their pocket every day. So why invest in a professional photo session?

I'm so happy you asked!

1. Composition- a professional photographer does so much more than point and click. They build an image from the ground up. Photographers have trained, experienced eyes. They'll notice if a hair is out of place or a neon candy wrapper has flown into the epic landscape you are using as your backdrop. For those things that just cant be avoided, a professional will have the ability to touch up an image and eliminate distracting elements.

2. Focus- A professional will know exactly how to draw the eye to a point of interest. Whether that is a person, a brand, or a new piece of bling, your photographer will share your vision and highlight what is most important to you. Where you may see a drab rocky path lined with weeds and fading light, your photographer sees golden blades of grass swaying in the evening breeze, sprays of dramatic wildflower color, and a slow country road vibe


3. Illusion- Everyone has those pieces of flyaway hair or extra wrinkles, rolls, or lines that they haven't quite fallen in love with yet. While any artist worth their salt will tell you that true beauty lies in individuality and imperfection, a realistic photographer will understand that you love certain parts of yourself more than others. Professional photographers work with you to draw the eye away from whatever might make you uncomfortable. ( Meanwhile, the really good ones show you how beautiful these traits can be.)

4. Style- Professional photography is all about emotion. What do you hope to feel every time you re-visit this memory? Do you feel strong? In love? Hopeful? Photographers collaborate with other artists to build a scene that conveys a multidimensional mood. From apparel to lighting and location, your photographer directs you to interact with the camera and the environment in a way that emits raw, true emotion.

5. Economy- Working with a professional photographer can represent a significant investment. By choosing to make this investment, you will not only support a small local business, but you'll also build a relationship with someone who can show you the beauty all around you. By investing in local arts you are feeding the soul of a community. In an age of search engines and ad-driven results, photographers are experts in local points of interest and vendors that are off the beaten path. A photographer is a gatekeeper to a tribe of creative, unique, original styles that thrive in the ecosystem of small local business.

Next time you find yourself approaching a meaningful life event, consider hiring a professional photographer. (because a selfie stick doesn't do a "happy dance" when you capture the perfect shot)

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