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Hip, hop, a hippy, hippy to the hip hip hop

What did we do before in-home newborn photography sessions?

I mean, who thought it was a good idea to cart a brand new infant out in to the elements, plop them in a cold, bright studio and subject them to the giant world of grown-up germs? And what postpartum mama wants to jump straight in to that whole, "get out of the house and wear real pants," gig right away? I know I didn't!

If your photographer cant take the show on the road and make your life a little bit easier (and safer), then you might want to rethink your life choices.

The good news is, Chickadee Kisses Photography knows whats up. In-home newborn photography throughout the Denver metro (and further for a small travel fee) is the standard for us. Rest assured that your little one is safe from big-kid germs since we disinfect all props and equipment before and after use .

Don't risk a cranky baby. Don't risk a sick baby or an uncomfortable mama.

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